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Great Depression

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  1. Herbert ___ was president at the start of the Great Depression
  2. Area in the Midwest that suffered from drought during the Great Depression
  3. Amos 'n' Andy were on this
  4. This famous aviator's child was kidnapped during the Great Depression
  5. President's initials during the Great Depression
  6. Ocean Amelia Earhart flew across in 1928
  7. J. Edgar Hoover formed this government organization
  8. First Lady Eleanor
  9. This market crashed in 1929
  10. Al ____ was a notorious mob boss in Chicago
  11. Typical free meal served to poor people in public kitchens
  12. ____ chats were radio talks held by the president
  13. When the price of goods goes up


  1. First ___ Days of Roosevelt's Presidency
  2. The Public ___ Administration gave people jobs with the government
  3. Outlawed alcoholic drinks
  4. Shanty towns named after a president
  5. The years before the Great Depression are called the ____ Twenties
  6. ____ State Building was finished around the start of the Great Depression
  7. This army of veterans wanted to get paid
  8. Social ____ Act
  9. New ____

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