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George Washington

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  1. His nickname was ____ of His Country
  2. Job Washington held as a teen
  3. Place where the British surrendered to him
  4. Valley where he spent the winter
  5. Washington's VP
  6. He did not want to become this
  7. Legend has it he chopped down this kind of fruit tree
  8. Feet he was tall
  9. War he fought in for American independence
  10. George was commander of the ___ Army during the Revolutionary War


  1. This was shot out from under him during the French and Indian War
  2. George's wife
  3. Number of children he had
  4. Colony where he grew up
  5. He was Virginia's delegate to the First Continental ____
  6. He was the first
  7. His home in Virginia
  8. River where Washington made his famous crossing
  9. Number of terms he served

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