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  1. Geological landforms that rise above the surrounding land
  2. A nature underground chamber
  3. Water, wind, and ice can cause this wearing away of the land
  4. When magma erupts to the Earth's surface it is called this
  5. Caused when pieces of the Earth's crust suddenly shift
  6. Molten rock under the Earth's surface
  7. The lithosphere is the part of the Earth's surface that is _____
  8. Tallest mountain in the world
  9. The inner and outer core of the Earth is made up of ___ and nickel
  10. Igneous ____ are formed by volcanoes
  11. Layers of soil
  12. The Colorado River used erosion to form the Grand ____
  13. Thick masses of ice that are slowly moving
  14. Thin outer layer of the Earth


  1. Loose upper layer of the Earth's surface where plants grow
  2. A solid substance that occurs naturally
  3. The rock ____ describes how rocks are constantly changing
  4. These erupt
  5. A valley or path between mountains
  6. The highest point of a mountain
  7. The description of the physical features of an area of land
  8. These types of rocks are formed through great heat and pressure
  9. Layer of Earth just below the crust
  10. The ____ core is the hottest part of the Earth
  11. The preserved remains of a living organism
  12. These giant plates move very slowly

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