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French Revolution

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  1. This French estate was made up of commoners and peasants
  2. This dictator put an end to the revolution
  3. The National Assembly met and gave an oath on a court for this sport
  4. He was killed by Charlotte Corday while in the bathtub
  5. The price of this basic type of food skyrocketed before the revolution
  6. This Marquis was part of both the French and the American Revolution
  7. City where many revolutionaries met
  8. These people made up the First Estate
  9. This device was used to execute enemies of the state
  10. Queen Antoinette
  11. French women of Paris marched on this palace to demand lower bread prices from the king


  1. Last government of the French Revolution
  2. The Committee of ____ Safety
  3. A powerful political club led by Robespierre
  4. A nickname for commoners was the ____-culottes
  5. The Third Estate formed the National ____ to start running the country without the king
  6. Reign of ____
  7. Members of the Second Estate
  8. Name of the French flag
  9. The ___ of the Bastille signaled the start of the French Revolution
  10. The gabelle was a tax on this
  11. King ____ XVI was executed by the revolutionaries
  12. The Phrygian ___ was worn by revolutionaries

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