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Crossword Puzzle

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  1. This explorer sailed the ocean blue in 1492
  2. President who asked Lewis and Clark to explore the west
  3. Hernando de Soto was the first European to travel west of the Mississippi _____
  4. Ocean that Lewis and Clark traveled to
  5. Country of Sir Edmund Hillary
  6. Amundsen flew over this pole in the first undisputed visit there
  7. Where Columbus thought he landed when he found the Americas
  8. What the Europeans brought with them that killed many Native Americans
  9. Vasco da ____
  10. Mongol leader of China that Marco Polo met: Kublai ____
  11. Period of time when the Europeans explored much of the world
  12. ____ Cortez conquered the Aztec Empire
  13. What Juan Ponce de León was searching for


  1. Chinese explorer who visited India and Africa
  2. The ___ of Magellan are at the tip of South America
  3. Sir Edmund Hillary was the first to climb to the top of this highest mountain
  4. English captain who explored much of the South Pacific and Australia
  5. ____ Amundsen was the first man to lead an expedition to the South Pole
  6. Country that eventually paid for Columbus' trip across the Atlantic Ocean
  7. Spanish soldiers and explorers who conquered much of Central and South America
  8. The first to sail around the world
  9. First man to walk on the moon
  10. Road that Marco Polo used to travel to China
  11. Vasco da Gama discovered a sea route around this continent to India
  12. This Native American woman helped Lewis and Clark on their expedition
  13. The main goal of Captain Cook's first expedition was to observe this planet from Tahiti
  14. "The ___ has landed". The lunar module that first landed on the moon.
  15. Nina, ____, and the Santa Maria
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