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Crossword Puzzle

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  1. He invented the phonograph
  2. Sam Walton started this popular discount store
  3. Madam who made a fortune selling hair products
  4. Entrepreneurs want this, not loss
  5. Oil tycoon named Rockefeller
  6. First name of the man who brought us blue jeans
  7. The greater the ___, the greater the reward
  8. The ____ line was used by Ford to make cars in volume
  9. Bill Gates founded this software company
  10. An entrepreneur starts one


  1. Steel tycoon Carnegie
  2. Theme park built by Walt Disney in California
  3. She built a business empire out of a cooking show
  4. Business woman and famous talk show host
  5. Thomas Edison had his research labs at Menlo ___
  6. Model T builder
  7. Steve Jobs probably liked this fruit
  8. The chocolate candy man named Milton
  9. Jobs made calls on this
  10. Most entrepreneurs cannot afford to be this
  11. Operating system that made Bill Gates rich
  12. First name of Disney

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