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Physics - Electricity

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  1. A drawing of a complex electronic circuit
  2. I = V/R
  3. This is measured in Ohms
  4. An electronic 1, Not low
  5. Components connected end-to-end in a circuit are connected in ___, not parallel
  6. A device that stores and produces electricity using chemical cells
  7. What fiber optic cables are made of
  8. Particle in an atom that carries a negative charge
  9. Math using only 0's and 1's
  10. It is measured in Farads
  11. The flow of electric charge


  1. Electricity from a storm
  2. The direction of current from a magnetic field can be found using the "___ hand rule"
  3. A type of electric charge that can build up on the surface of objects
  4. It is measured in Watts
  5. ____ Current or DC
  6. Abbreviation for Printed Circuit Board
  7. Measurement for Current
  8. This type of energy can be replenished, solar power, windmills
  9. ____ Current or AC
  10. Electromagnetism is used to power electric ____
  11. A material that allows electricity to flow easily
  12. A common material used to make magnets
  13. Measure of potential difference in an electrical circuit

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