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Biology - The Cell

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  1. Chloroplasts are structures in plant cells that help with this process of turning sunlight into energy
  2. Simple organisms (i.e. bacteria) use a type of cell division called ____ fission
  3. Components of the cell such as the nucleus, ribosomes, and lysosomes
  4. What is formed when many of the same type of cells are together in a group
  5. The outer boundary of the cell
  6. Mitochondria make energy using a process called cellular ____
  7. Control center or "brain" of the cell
  8. Some Prokaryotic cells use this whip-like appendage to move about
  9. Number of Nuclei in a typical cell
  10. Ribosomes have a large and a small one of these
  11. The process by which new cells are made is called cell ____


  1. An organism uses Meiosis cell division when it needs to do this
  2. The main job of the ribosome is to make these for the cell
  3. Lysosomes get rid of this from the cell
  4. These organisms are made up of only one cell
  5. Proteins are long chains of amino ____
  6. The mitochondria is where the cell gets its ____
  7. Eukaryotic cells are the types of cells that make up plants and ____
  8. Basic unit of life
  9. These help to break down food so our body can use it
  10. A cell will use this type of division when it needs to produce exact copies of itself
  11. The cytoplasm is mostly made up of this substance

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