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Earth Science - Biomes

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  1. It helps to clear out old, dead grasslands
  2. Region of Earth were life exists
  3. Type of water mostly found in the marine biome
  4. Coldest of the biomes
  5. Driest and coldest of the forest biomes
  6. Forests have lots of these
  7. The tropical ____ biome gets lots of rain
  8. Most trees in the temperate forests lose these in the winter
  9. Rainforests produce this so we can breathe
  10. Continent where the steppes are
  11. These Taiga trees are always green
  12. Most of the grasslands in North America have been turned into this to grow food


  1. Desert, grasslands, tundra, rainforest
  2. The ____ biome consists of ponds, lakes, rivers, and wetlands
  3. ____ America has the largest rainforest
  4. Prairie, steppes, pampas are types of this biome
  5. Long season in the Tundra
  6. Largest biome on earth, it's underwater
  7. ____ Forests are located between rainforests and the Taiga
  8. Tropical grasslands, much of Africa is this type of biome
  9. Bogs, swamps, marshes
  10. A biome that gets very little rain
  11. Top layer of the trees in a rainforest
  12. Hemisphere where the Arctic tundra is found
  13. The coral ___ is an aquatic biome

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