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Science - Biology

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  1. A group of tissues in our bodies that has a specific form and function
  2. The process by which new cells are made is called cell ____
  3. We have 23 pairs of these
  4. Carbohydrates are made up of the elements ___, hydrogen, and oxygen
  5. Part of the plant that supports the leaves and flowers
  6. Single-celled microorganisms
  7. Fats, waxes, steroids make up this group of organic molecules
  8. We need these to see
  9. Plants begin their lives as one of these
  10. Control center for the cell
  11. Tiny invaders that can make you sick
  12. Plants use photosynthesis to get energy from this


  1. We eat this to give us energy
  2. This holds our memories
  3. The skeleton is made up of these
  4. Our ____ system helps protect us against diseases
  5. Brain, spinal cord, and nerves
  6. The part of the plant that grows underground
  7. Heredity says we get certain traits from these people
  8. Initials for deoxyribonucleic acid
  9. Mushrooms, mold, yeast
  10. Basic unit of life
  11. Organ that covers our body

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