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Aztec, Maya, and Inca

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  1. The name for a Spanish explorer, treasure hunter, and conqueror
  2. The Maya played a rubber ball game in a large ball ____ surrounded by large stone walls
  3. He conquered the Aztec Empire
  4. The people who conquered the Aztecs and the Inca
  5. Modern day country where the Inca lived
  6. The title for the king of the Aztecs
  7. A vegetable like corn
  8. The king of the Inca was called the ____ Inca
  9. Modern day country where the Aztecs lived
  10. The Maya _____ predicted the end of the world on December 21, 2012
  11. A book made from a number of pages folded up in a zig-zag pattern
  12. Francisco _____ conquered the Inca Empire
  13. Language spoken by the Aztecs


  1. This famous food came from the Americas and the cacao seed
  2. The Inca built these throughout their Empire to enable communication by message runners
  3. Type of writing used by the Maya that used picture words or “glyphs”
  4. ____ Picchu was a hidden city of the Inca was never discovered by the Spanish
  5. King of the Aztecs when the Spanish arrived
  6. The Hero ____ were the subjects of a favorite mythological story told by the Maya
  7. An infectious disease brought by the Europeans that killed many of the Native Americans
  8. Tenochtitlan was the capital city of this
  9. A monument made by the Aztecs and Maya with a temple on top to their gods
  10. El ____ is a famous pyramid found in the Maya city of Chichen Itza
  11. The Inca had to pay a labor ___ to the government each year
  12. The Inca god Inti was god of the ____
  13. Capital city of the Inca Empire
  14. The basic unit of the Inca community
  15. The Aztec, Maya, and Inca did not make use of this round invention
  16. Powerful Empire in South America when the Spanish arrived
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