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Physics - Astronomy

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  1. A person trained to travel into outer space
  2. A group of stars that form a pattern when viewed from Earth
  3. Furthest planet from the Sun
  4. Planet we live on
  5. Largest planet in the Solar System
  6. It has rings
  7. Giant spheres of superhot gas
  8. The hottest planet
  9. Our galaxy
  10. The path an object takes around a star or planet
  11. Gases that surround a planet
  12. There are eight of these in the Solar System
  13. A chunk of rock and metal that orbits around the Sun


  1. The study of outer space
  2. ____ planet, Pluto is now considered one of these
  3. It is everything
  4. It includes the Sun and all the planets and other objects that orbit the Sun
  5. A dark area on the surface of the Sun
  6. Planet closest to the Sun
  7. It helps you see really far
  8. Neil ____, first man to walk on the Moon
  9. A ____ eclipse occurs when the Moon passes through the Earth's shadow
  10. It is made up of ice, dust, and rock and orbits the Sun
  11. Black ____, light cannot escape its gravity
  12. Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune are made mostly of this
  13. A large number of stars bound by gravity

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