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Art History

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  1. Henri who developed the artistic style of fauvism
  2. An artistic style where the subjects represent deep meanings such as love, death, and sin
  3. A painting made on wet plaster
  4. The Night Watch was this Dutch artist's most famous painting
  5. This artist developed Cubism and went through a "Blue" period
  6. He painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel
  7. Place where the Renaissance began
  8. Andy ___ painted Campbell's soup cans and Elvis Pressley
  9. Van Gogh painted Starry ____ while in a mental hospital
  10. J.M.W. Turner was famous for these types of paintings of nature
  11. A large painting on a wall or ceiling
  12. The person in this famous painting by Edvard Munch appears to be really scared


  1. Leonardo da Vinci was a true "_____ Man"
  2. This type of art has no subject at all
  3. Edward Degas was famous for painting these kind of dancers
  4. An art movement where artist captured the light and color of the present moment
  5. An art movement that focused on emotions and feelings. It occurred after the Baroque movement.
  6. He painted in dots called Pointillism
  7. Artist famous for his paintings of water lilies
  8. Vincent who cut off a piece of his ear
  9. German art movement where the artists wanted to "express" their emotions
  10. A wealthy person who supports an artist while they work on their art
  11. A picture or painting of a person or people
  12. Salvador Dali was famous for his paintings of this artistic movement which studied the subconscious mind and dreams
  13. Rafael was one of the great painters of the ____ Renaissance
  14. A three dimensional work of art made from materials such as stone, marble, wood, or bronze.
  15. Mona ____
  16. This type of art is made from commercial items and cultural icons

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