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Biology - Animals

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  1. Baby frog
  2. Only birds have these
  3. They have six legs and a thorax
  4. Mammals feed this to their babies
  5. Mammals are ___-blooded
  6. These animals breathe water
  7. Herbivores eat these
  8. Squid, snails, slugs, octopuses
  9. A place to go and see animals
  10. Spiders, ticks, scorpions
  11. These types of animals might become extinct
  12. Alligators, snakes, lizards


  1. Amphibians live the first part of their lives in the ___
  2. Warm-blooded animals with hollow bones and wings
  3. These cover the skin of reptiles
  4. King of the jungle, giant cat
  5. Baby elephant
  6. Fish use these to get oxygen from water
  7. Invertebrates do not have one of these
  8. The biggest animal in the world is the blue ____
  9. Cheetah, lions, tigers
  10. These reptiles don't have legs
  11. Carnivores eat this
  12. Reptiles are ___-blooded
  13. Dachshund, retriever, poodle, terrier
  14. Arachnids have this many legs

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