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Ancient Africa

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  1. North African Muslims
  2. Famous leader of Carthage
  3. Powerful empire in Western Africa founded by Sundiata Keita
  4. Hannibal rode these across the Alps
  5. Desert hills made of sand
  6. ____ Zimbabwe was a large ancient city located in southern Africa
  7. Ruler of the Ancient Egyptians
  8. She was the last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt
  9. The ____ Desert is in North Africa
  10. Mansa ____
  11. Dutch and French settlers in South Africa
  12. Iron and ___ were important metals to the Kingdom of Kush


  1. The city of Gao was the capital of this African empire
  2. What griots told
  3. River running through Egypt
  4. Empire located south of Egypt, today's Sudan
  5. City in North Africa that fought Rome in the Punic Wars
  6. Shaka ____
  7. This religion spread to North Africa in the 700s CE
  8. Dinga Cisse was the first king of this African empire
  9. The empire of Aksum was located at the ____ of Africa
  10. A group of people travelling across the desert using camels
  11. Animal used for travelling in the desert
  12. People from the Middle East who conquered North Africa
  13. Valuable resource used to flavor food and preserve meat

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