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Ancient Rome

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  1. Leader who Julius Caesar fought in the Roman Civil War
  2. This gladiator led a slave uprising
  3. The Romans enjoyed chariot racing at the ____ Maximus
  4. King of the Roman gods and god of thunder
  5. The fall of Rome ushered in the start of the ____ Ages.
  6. Worship of the Roman emperors as gods was known as the Imperial ____
  7. This crazy Roman emperor is thought to have played the lyre while he watched Rome burn
  8. Legend has it that Rome was founded by Romulus and ____
  9. The Romans were famous for building these to help their armies travel quickly around their large empire
  10. Julius ____ became dictator of Rome ending the Republic
  11. Language of the Romans
  12. The largest group of Roman soldiers
  13. The Roman god of war
  14. A long robe worn by Roman citizens when out in public
  15. The center of the city of Ancient Rome where the leaders met and people discussed ideas
  16. Another name for the Eastern Roman Empire
  17. A short Roman sword
  18. Government of Rome that was ran by elected officials
  19. Many Roman gods were borrowed from the _____
  20. Capital of Italy


  1. Name for the wars between Rome and Carthage
  2. Continent of Rome
  3. Men who fought in the arena for other people's entertainment
  4. These powerful leaders in the republic were elected for life
  5. A great arena in Rome that could seat 50,000 people
  6. First emperor of Rome
  7. The top position in the Roman Republic
  8. Hannibal of Carthage used these giant animals when crossing the Alps to attack Italy
  9. This emperor was the first to convert to Christianity and made Constantinople the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire
  10. Roman officers and leaders of groups of soldiers called centuries
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