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Crossword Puzzle

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Ancient Greece

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  1. A fortress built on the top of a hill at the center of Athens. Many temples to the gods were built here.
  2. Language spoken in Athens
  3. Homer, Pindar, and Sappho
  4. Philosopher and student of Socrates. He founded the Academy.
  5. Sporting event started by the Ancient Greeks. It is held every four years today.
  6. Wars between Sparta and Athens
  7. Patron god of the city of Athens. She is also the goddess of wisdom.
  8. This city was the birthplace of democracy
  9. The kings of Athens were called
  10. This great civilization conquered Greece, but copied much of their culture and gods
  11. Greatest of the Greek heroes and son of Zeus
  12. He wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey
  13. The city-____ was the basic division of much of Ancient Greece. Athens and Sparta were the two largest of these.
  14. The Pythagorean ____ was discovered by Greek philosopher Pythagoras. It is helpful in geometry with triangles.
  15. Building at the Acropolis in Athens dedicated to the goddess Athena
  16. Leader of the Greek gods. Also god of lightning
  17. What Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle were known for


  1. "Great" military leader of Greece that expanded the empire to include Egypt and much of Persia.
  2. Name of the race held at the first Olympics
  3. Aesop was famous for these types of stories with talking animals and a moral
  4. Place where the major Greek gods lived
  5. Continent of Greece
  6. The marketplace and center of commerce in Athens
  7. Enemy city-state of Athens
  8. Greek god of the underworld
  9. Government started in Athens where citizens voted on issues and leaders
  10. Philosopher and student of Plato. He was also a scientist and teacher to Alexander the Great.
  11. Queen of the Greek gods and married to Zeus
  12. Greek god of war
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