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Ancient Egypt

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  1. This lady was the last pharaoh
  2. Lots of treasure was found in the tomb of pharaoh King ____
  3. The highest ranked government official who reported into the pharaoh
  4. The Ba, the Ka, and the Land of the Dead all had to do with this aspect of Egyptian religion
  5. The largest pyramid is the Great Pyramid of ____
  6. The Egyptian empire reached its peak during the ____ Kingdom period
  7. Alexander the ____ from Greece conquered Egypt
  8. People who knew how to read and write
  9. Even Egyptian men wore this on their faces to look better
  10. Egyptian god who ruled the underworld
  11. An embalmed dead body
  12. A period of time when one family ruled the land
  13. Writing of the Ancient Egyptians that used pictures


  1. Tall building made as a tomb for the Pharaohs
  2. Traps and curses were used to keep these out of the tombs and pyramids
  3. Area where many pharaohs were buried after 1500 BC
  4. Continent of Egypt
  5. Body of water important to the Ancient Egyptians
  6. Process by which bodies were prepared for burial
  7. Ra was the god of the ____
  8. The mother goddess
  9. Type of paper invented by the Egyptians
  10. Leader of Ancient Egypt
  11. The Rosetta _____ had writing in both Greek and hieroglyphics
  12. First pharaoh to unite upper and lower Egypt
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