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Ancient China

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  1. Continent of China
  2. The balancing forces of Taoism are known as the Yin and ____
  3. The Ancient Chinese invented this long before Johannes Gutenberg did in Europe
  4. Animal used to help cross the desert land of the Silk Road
  5. The golden age of China took place during this dynasty
  6. This mythical creature was a symbol of good luck, strength, and power
  7. The right of an emperor to rule China was called the ____ of Heaven
  8. This color was only to be worn by the emperor of China
  9. The Terracotta ___ was built for the burial of the first emperor of China
  10. Chinese religious leader famous for his philosophical sayings
  11. This dynasty is known for rebuilding the Great Wall as well as its blue and white porcelain vases
  12. The Yuan Dynasty was established by the leader of this foreign people
  13. Ancient China was ruled by a series of families called ______
  14. Yangtze and Yellow
  15. This group of government officials efficiently ran the Ancient Chinese government
  16. The _____ City was a huge palace where the emperor lived
  17. You had to score well on this to become a member of the civil service


  1. Calligraphy, poetry, and painting were called the Three _____
  2. The ___ of War was written by military genius Sun-Tzu
  3. The art of handwriting
  4. Invention that allowed the Chinese to make guns, canons, and fireworks
  5. This wonder of the world was built as protection from the Mongols to the north of China
  6. A major religion of Ancient China that came from Nepal and believes in karma and nirvana.
  7. The major Chinese religions were called The Three ____
  8. A material made from the cocoons of special worms
  9. The ____ Canal is the longest canal in the world.
  10. Chinese invention that helped with navigating ships and making maps
  11. Marco ___ travelled to China along the Silk Road
  12. A famous trade route from China to Eastern Europe
  13. These flying toys were invented by the Chinese army as a way to signal warnings

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