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African Americans

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  1. Thrilling Michael
  2. Month celebrated as Black History Month
  3. Ruby Bridges was famous being the first at an all-white one of these
  4. Charles Drew built banks of this for World War II
  5. Washington educator who opened the Tuskegee Institute
  6. Colin who was Secretary of State
  7. She didn't give up her seat on the bus
  8. Sojourner who fought for equal rights
  9. Harriet Tubman worked on the ____ Railroad
  10. Ida B. ____
  11. Barack Obama


  1. Angelou who was a poet and author
  2. Muhammad Ali
  3. Josephine Baker was a ____ and a singer
  4. This Madam became wealthy selling hair products
  5. Famous talk show host and businesswoman
  6. Martin ____ King, Jr.
  7. Former slave Frederick ____ worked to help stop slavery
  8. A fast Jesse who won several gold medals
  9. Thurgood who was on the Supreme Court
  10. Dunking Michael
  11. Jackie who was the first African American to play Major League Baseball
  12. Louis Armstrong played this instrument
  13. He worked with peanuts

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