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Abraham Lincoln

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  1. Was Lincoln tall or short?
  2. Place where Lincoln was shot
  3. He was the first president to wear one of these on his face
  4. He wanted to set these people free
  5. He signed the _____ Proclamation freeing the slaves in the Confederate States
  6. Mount where Lincoln's head is carved along with three other presidents
  7. Abe Lincoln's political party
  8. "_____ and seven years ago"
  9. State where Abraham Lincoln was born
  10. Occupation he had outside of public office
  11. He was the _____ president of the United States


  1. His nickname was ____ Abe
  2. General under Lincoln who later became president
  3. Type of wooden house that Lincoln was born in
  4. Man who shot and killed Lincoln
  5. This Andrew became president after Lincoln
  6. Place where Lincoln gave his famous "Address"
  7. Short for Abraham
  8. He served as a United States Congressman for this state
  9. South Carolina was the first of the southern states to do this after Lincoln won the election
  10. His wife was ___ Todd Lincoln
  11. War fought during Lincoln's presidency
  12. Not the South
  13. His wore a stove-piped or top ___

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