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Press "Play" to begin the game. Then select whether you want to play the black or white pieces. You can also adjust the difficulty level by sliding the CPU bar to the left or the right. This changes how hard the CPU will work on the next move.

To move a chess piece, just click on the piece to select it. Then click on the area of the chess board where you want to move the piece. The game will automatically show you legal moves when a chess piece is selected by outlining the places you can move the piece in green.

To the right of the chess board will be a picture of the pieces that have been taken by both sides. The black pieces on the bottom and the white on top.

You can take back a move with the "undo" button.

You can restart the game by selecting the "new" button.

Note: the game also keeps a log of the moves played during the chess game for your review. If you select "auto" then the computer will play both sides of the game and show you the results.

To learn the rules of the game of chess, visit our Chess Rules page.

Have fun and good luck playing the game!

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