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The object of the game is to knock down as many pins as possible with the bowling ball.

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Game Instructions

To bowl the ball: Move the bowler from side to side using the arrows. Line him up to where you want the ball to start out.

Left-click the mouse or hit the space bar to start the bowling action.

First you will select the power with which the ball is bowled. The higher the bar is on the left the faster the ball will go. Use the mouse left-click or the space bar to stop the bar from moving up and down.

Next you will select the direction the ball will take. Sort of like spin on the ball. The ball will move in the direction that you stop the arrow. Use the mouse left-click or the space bar to stop the arrow from moving.

You can continue to play a full game of bowling. See how your computer score compares to your real bowling score.

Tip: Bowling the ball faster and strait is not always the best option.

Tip: Try out different ways of bowling the ball to see which way works best for you.

This game should work on all platforms including safari and mobile (we hope, but make no guarantees).

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