Earth Science: Taiga Forest

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Earth Science: Taiga Forest.

1. What are the other two major forest biomes besides the taiga forest?
a. Desert forest and tundra forest
b. Tundra forest and rainforest
c. Rainforest and savanna forest
d. Temperate forest and rainforest
e. Savanna forest and tundra forest

2. What type of trees grow in the taiga forest biome?
a. Broad-leafed
b. Coniferous
c. The kind that loses its leaves in the fall
d. Deciduous
e. All of the above

3. What is the longest season in the taiga forest biome?
a. Spring
b. Summer
c. Fall
d. Winter
e. They are all the same length

4. Which of the following does not describe the taiga forest biome?
a. Cold
b. Thin layer of soil
c. Rainy
d. Evergreen trees
e. Dry

5. Where are the taiga forest biomes located in the world?
a. Near the equator
b. Near the South Pole
c. Only on the continent Africa
d. In western Australia
e. In the far north just below the Artic Circle

6. What is the dominant plant in the taiga forest biome?
a. Ferns
b. Trees
c. Grasses
d. Shrubs
e. Wildflowers

7. How do animals in the taiga forests survive the winter?
a. Migrate to the south
b. They store up food for the winter
c. They hibernate and sleep during the winter
d. They lay eggs and die
e. All of the above

8. Taiga is a _______ word meaning 'forest.'
a. Russian
b. French
c. Danish
d. German
e. Swedish

9. What is causing the taiga forest biome to shrink?
a. Air pollution
b. Drought
c. Logging
d. Volcanic eruptions
e. Desert expansion

10. True or False: Animals that live in the taiga forest biome often have large feet to help them to walk on the snow without sinking.

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