Physics: Power

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Physics: Power.

1. Power in physics is the rate at which _____ is used.
a. Current
b. Speed
c. Energy
d. Velocity
e. Force

2. To calculate power, we use the formula: Power = Work divided by ______.
a. Velocity
b. Force
c. Distance
d. Time
e. Acceleration

3. What is the standard unit of measurement for power?
a. Ampere
b. Volt
c. Newton
d. Joule
e. Watt

4. Will you use more power running up the stairs or walking up the stairs?
a. Running up the stairs
b. Walking up the stairs
c. The same in both

5. What is the equation used for calculating power from force and velocity?
a. Power = force/velocity
b. Power = force * velocity
c. Power = force + velocity
d. Power = velocity/force
e. Power = 1/2 (force * velocity)

6. What is the equation used for calculating electrical power?
a. P = I/V
b. P = I + V
c. P = V/I
d. P = I * V
e. P = I - V

7. If it takes 10 J of work to move a rock 15 meters in 5 seconds, what is the power?
a. 1 W
b. 2 W
c. 50 W
d. 150 W
e. 200 W

8. If it takes 50 J of work to climb a set of stairs, how fast would you have to climb them to use 5 Watts of power?
a. 2 seconds
b. 5 seconds
c. 9 seconds
d. 10 seconds
e. 50 seconds

9. What is the electrical power of a circuit generating 5 Amps and 8 Volts?
a. 5 W
b. 8 W
c. 13 W
d. 20 W
e. 40 W

10. How many watts are in a horsepower?
a. 1 W
b. 2 W
c. 350.3W
d. 745.7W
e. 932.9 W

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