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Renaissance Clothing.

1. What did the wealthy men of the Renaissance usually wear on their legs?
a. Cotton pants
b. Leather trousers
c. Colorful tights or stockings
d. Skirts or kilts
e. Denim jeans

2. What color hair was especially popular for the women?
a. Blonde
b. Black
c. Brown
d. Red
e. Purple

3. True or False: The men of the Renaissance always had short hair and clean shaven faces.

4. What were the laws called in England that said that certain people had to wear certain types of clothes?
a. Fashion laws
b. Sumptuary laws
c. Clothing laws
d. Uptight laws
e. English dress code

5. Why did women often wear veils or hats when outside?
a. Because it rained a lot
b. To protect their hair from the wind
c. Because of their religion
d. Because they thought it looked good
e. So their faces would not get tan

6. How often did people wash their clothes during the Renaissance?
a. Every day
b. Once a week
c. Once a month
d. A couple times a year
e. Never

7. What did the wealthy women of the Renaissance typically wear?
a. Leather pants and tunics
b. Long robes made from silk
c. Long dresses with puffy sleeves
d. Blue skirts and white blouses
e. Jeans and a T-shirt

8. What was a doublet?
a. A tight fitting coat worn by the men
b. A type of skirt worn by the women
c. A long colorful dress
d. A type of hat like a beret worn by the men
e. A type of wig worn by the women

9. True or false: Clothing played an important role in displaying the status and wealth of a person during the Renaissance.

10. When a woman wore a yellow scarf in Venice, what did it mean?
a. That she was Muslim
b. That she was Christian
c. That she was Jewish
d. That she was single
e. That she was married

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