Middle Ages Feudal System

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Questions on this quiz are based on information from
Middle Ages Feudal System.

1. Who was the top leader in the land with the feudal system?
a. The king
b. The prime minister
c. The dictator
d. The president
e. The serf

2. What was life like for the majority of the people that lived in the Middle Ages under the feudal system?
a. They lived in nice castles
b. They were soldiers who fought invaders
c. They hung out at the local pub
d. They worked hard as peasant farmers
e. They wore fancy clothes and went to parties

3. What building, owned by the local lord, was the center of daily life in the feudal system?
a. The church
b. The capital building
c. The forum
d. The manor
e. The agora

4. Who was the leader of the Catholic Church in a kingdom?
a. The pope
b. The priest
c. The bishop
d. The monk
e. The pastor

5. True or False: The Bishops of the Catholic Church were typically poor and had little power in the kingdom.

6. Who owned everything in a village, including the crops, town, and peasants?
a. The king
b. The lord
c. The bishop
d. The head merchant
e. The bank

7. Who reported directly to the king and ruled large areas of land called fiefs?
a. The lord
b. The bishop
c. The baron
d. The peasant
e. The cardinal

8. What was the responsibility of the Baron?
a. To provide soldiers to the king when needed
b. To swear loyalty to the king
c. To oversee the lords on their land
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

9. When a king died, who would typically take over the throne?
a. His wife, the queen
b. The top baron
c. The bishop
d. The lord
e. His firstborn son

10. What did the peasants get in return for serving and working for their local lord?
a. Protection from invaders
b. A long happy life
c. An easy life with little work
d. The right to vote for the king
e. Lots of food and the weekends off

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Middle Ages Feudal System page at /history/middle_ages_feudal_system.php.

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