Norman Conquest

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Norman Conquest.

1. What year did the Norman Conquest take place?
a. 942
b. 1066
c. 1215
d. 1350
e. 1492

2. Who was the leader of the Normans during the Norman Conquest?
a. William
b. Harold
c. Alfred
d. Robert
e. Richard

3. There were three men who claimed the right to be king of England. Who did the English want to be king?
a. Harald Hardrada of Norway
b. Robert I of Normandy
c. Richard Neville
d. Earl Harold Godwinson
e. William of Normandy

4. What peoples did the Normans originally come from?
a. Franks
b. Kievan Rus
c. Moors
d. Anglo-Saxons
e. Vikings

5. Which king died at the Battle of Stamford Bridge?
a. King William
b. King Harold II
c. King Hardrada
d. King Richard I
e. King Henry VIII

6. What was the main battle between the English and Normans?
a. Battle of Hastings
b. Battle of London
c. Battle of Norway
d. Battle of Normandy
e. Battle of Stamford Bridge

7. On what day was William of Normandy crowned king of England?
a. 1-Jan
b. 1-Apr
c. 4-Jul
d. 31-Oct
e. 25-Dec

8. What was the Domesday book?
a. A list of people who fought against William of Normandy
b. A story of how the English were conquered by the Normans
c. A book of scary tales about the Normans for kids
d. A list of who owned what lands in England
e. A book on cathedral architecture

9. What is the popular name for William the Duke of Normandy?
a. William the Great
b. William the Conqueror
c. William the Confessor
d. William the Wise
e. William the Bold

10. Who were the housecarls?
a. The servants of William of Normandy
b. The invaders from Norway
c. The elite English troops of King Harold II
d. The men who built Norman castles throughout England
e. The Normans who William gave land to in England

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Norman Conquest page at /history/middle_ages/norman_conquest.php.

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