Knights Armor and Weapons

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Knights Armor and Weapons.

1. What were the two main kinds of armor worn by knights in the Middle Ages?
a. Leather and bone
b. Wooden and bronze
c. Chain mail and plate
d. Leather and chain mail
e. Wool and Steel

2. What was a hauberk?
a. A type of shield
b. A spear-like weapon
c. A two-handed sword
d. A type of helmet
e. A long chain mail cloak

3. True or False: The armor of a knight was specially designed to be light and flexible, making it easy for him to fight and maneuver.

4. What area of the body did the sabatons protect?
a. Head
b. Feet
c. Hands
d. Shoulders
e. Chest

5. What was the name of the piece of armor that protected the hands?
a. Gauntlets
b. Greaves
c. Pauldrons
d. Helmet
e. Poleyns

6. What type of weapon was like a long pole that a knight used when charging on a horse?
a. Sword
b. Mace
c. Dagger
d. Lance
e. Battleaxe

7. What was a destrier?
a. Armor
b. Helmet
c. War horse
d. Siege weapon
e. Type of spear

8. True or False: Sometimes the war horse of a knight also wore armor for protection.

9. What were siege weapons?
a. Weapons designed to be used from a horse
b. Weapons used to capture a castle or fort
c. Weapons made to knock a knight off his horse
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

10. What was a catapult designed to do?
a. Fire giant spears
b. Help soldiers to reach the tops of castle walls
c. Smash down the gates of a castle
d. Protect a knight from arrows
e. Throw huge boulders

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Knights Armor and Weapons page at /history/middle_ages/knight_armor_and_weapons.php.

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