Colonial America - Men's Clothing

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Colonial America - Men's Clothing.

1. Colonial men wore what type of pants that stopped just below the knees?
a. Stockings
b. Shorts
c. Cravats
d. Breeches
e. Trousers

2. What was the main undergarment worn by colonial men?
a. Stockings
b. Cravat
c. Shirt
d. Breeches
e. Banyan

3. Wealthy colonial men would wear powdered versions of these on their heads.
a. Wigs
b. Hats
c. Caps
d. Visors
e. Helmets

4. True or False: Colonial men generally wore sneakers or running shoes when walking around town.

5. What popular colonial hat was folded on three sides to make it easier to carry?
a. Top hat
b. Bowler
c. Panama
d. Beret
e. Tricorne

6. Wealthy men wore this type of robe over their shirt when at home.
a. Banyan
b. Waistcoat
c. Cravat
d. Tricorne
e. Shawl

7. What popular form of neckwear was usually made from a strip of white linen?
a. Trouser
b. Tie
c. Cravat
d. Banyan
e. Necklace

8. True or False: Men of colonial times dressed pretty much the same way they do today.

9. What type of hair were wigs usually made from?
a. Goat hair
b. Horse hair
c. Human hair
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

10. What tight-fitting vest was worn over the shirt and under the coat?
a. Cravat
b. Breeches
c. Chestcloak
d. Trouser
e. Waistcoat

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Colonial America - Men's Clothing page at /history/colonial_america/mens_clothing.php.

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