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1. What was the Mayflower?
a. An American colony
b. A large English city
c. A house
d. A ship
e. A famous painting

2. About how long was the deck of the Mayflower?
a. 15 feet
b. 50 feet
c. 80 feet
d. 200 feet
e. 1000 feet

3. On what area of the Mayflower did the passengers live and sleep?
a. Between decks
b. Cargo hold
c. Main Mast
d. Cabin
e. Steerage

4. On what area of the ship was the food cooked and stored?
a. Between decks
b. Cabin
c. Cargo hold
d. Forecastle
e. Steerage

5. What year did the Mayflower first cross the ocean with the Pilgrims?
a. 1492
b. 1556
c. 1620
d. 1686
e. 1712

6. What was the name of the other Pilgrim ship that started leaking and did not make the trip?
a. Aprilflower
b. Speedwell
c. Titanic
d. Queen Mary
e. Leakfast

7. What colony had been the original destination of the Mayflower?
a. Maryland
b. Georgia
c. Connecticut
d. New York
e. Virginia

8. True or False: The passengers had a great time on the voyage; watching shows, swimming, and enjoying large buffet meals.

9. Where did the crew sleep on the Mayflower?
a. Cabin
b. Cargo hold
c. Between decks
d. Forecastle
e. Main deck

10. What was the lowest level of the ship and the main storage area called?
a. Cabin
b. Cargo hold
c. Between decks
d. Forecastle
e. Steerage

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Mayflower page at /history/colonial_america/mayflower.php.

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