Elizabeth Cady Stanton

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Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

1. Where was Elizabeth Cady Stanton born?
a. Maryland
b. Alabama
c. New York
d. Massachusetts
e. Virginia

2. How was Elizabeth exposed to the law?
a. Her father was a lawyer
b. By attending Harvard Law School
c. Her brother was a lawyer
d. Her mother was a lawyer
e. All of the above

3. Why wasn't Elizabeth able to attend any of the top universities?
a. She wasn't smart enough
b. She couldn't afford the tuition
c. She didn't want to travel that far from home
d. She had low SAT scores
e. Women were not allowed to attend the top universities

4. What did abolitionists want to put an end to?
a. Alcoholic beverages
b. Eating meat
c. Slavery
d. The Civil War
e. The Union of the United States

5. True or False: Elizabeth Cady Stanton never married or had children.

6. What important cause did Elizabeth Cady Stanton devote much of her life to?
a. Ending slavery
b. Women's suffrage
c. Native American rights
d. The rights of the disabled
e. Global warming

7. What document did Elizabeth Cady Stanton present at the first women's rights conference in Seneca Falls, New York?
a. Declaration of Independence
b. Women's Constitution
c. Bill of Rights
d. Declaration of Sentiments
e. Suffrage Manifesto

8. What famous women's rights activist helped Elizabeth Cady Stanton to form the National Women's Suffrage Organization?
a. Lucy Stone
b. Henry Blackwell
c. Susan B. Anthony
d. Julia Ward Howe
e. Harriet Tubman

9. What does 'women's suffrage' mean?
a. The right of women to vote
b. Domestic violence
c. Women slavery
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

10. What amendment to the United States Constitution guaranteed women the right to vote?
a. Tenth Amendment
b. Thirteenth Amendment
c. Fifteenth Amendment
d. Seventeenth Amendment
e. Nineteenth Amendment

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