Legend of Silk

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Questions on this quiz are based on information from
Legend of Silk.

1. What is silk made from?
a. A plant called flax
b. Very fine cotton
c. The fur of goats
d. Cocoons
e. Yak hair

2. Who first invented the process for making silk?
a. The wife of the Yellow Emperor
b. The silk dragon
c. Confucius
d. Marco Polo
e. Kublai Khan

3. What do silkworms eat?
a. Bamboo
b. Silk
c. Mulberry leaves
d. Rice
e. Wheat noodles

4. What was used to loosen the fibers so they could be made into long threads?
a. Very small needles
b. Hot water
c. They were shaken violently
d. Gunpowder
e. Soy sauce

5. Who was allowed to wear silk for most of the history of Ancient China?
a. Peasants
b. Merchants
c. Farmers
d. None of the above
e. All of the above

6. What was silk used to make?
a. Clothing
b. Bowstrings
c. Fishing line
d. None of the above
e. All of the above

7. True or False: The Chinese wanted other countries to learn how to make silk and often trained foreigners on the process.

8. Where did the monks who stole the first silkworm eggs hide the eggs?
a. Under the saddles of their horses
b. In their walking sticks
c. Under their hoods
d. In their ears
e. They did not need to hide the eggs

9. True or false: Silk cloth was considered very valuable in Ancient China and only the nobles were allowed to wear it.

10. What was the Silk Road?
a. A street in each town where only people wearing silk were allowed to walk
b. A very smoothly paved road within the Forbidden City
c. A road connecting the palaces of the emperor
d. A trade route between China to Europe
e. Another name for the Grand Canal

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Legend of Silk page at /history/china/legend_of_silk.php.

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