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Ancient Rome - Clothing.

1. What material was used to make most of the clothing in Ancient Rome?
a. Cotton
b. Wool
c. Leather
d. Fur
e. Denim

2. What color of clothing did women wear before they were married?
a. Yellow
b. Black
c. Red
d. White
e. They wore a variety of colors

3. What was the most common form of clothing worn by both men and women?
a. Toga
b. Stola
c. Tunic
d. Palla
e. Exomis

4. What was a 'stola'?
a. The traditional form of clothing worn by married Roman women
b. A cloak worn by men to keep warm in cold weather
c. A type of undergarment
d. A closed toe shoe worn by the Roman upper class
e. A long cloak worn by men when going off to war

5. What form of clothing was worn by upper class men outside the home and at official occasions?
a. Stola
b. Tunic
c. Palla
d. Toga
e. Exomis

6. What was the most common type of shoe worn by the Ancient Romans
a. Heavy steel-toed boots
b. Leather sandals
c. Enclosed shoes made from furs
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

7. What hairstyle was popular for men during the Roman Empire?
a. Shaved heads
b. Short hair and clean shaven
c. Long hair pulled into a bun
d. Long hair in a pony tail
e. Beards and curly hair

8. What type of jewelry did Roman men wear?
a. Earrings
b. Necklaces
c. Rings
d. Tiaras
e. All of the above

9. What color was the border on the special toga worn by senators and magistrates?
a. Red
b. Yellow
c. Green
d. Blue
e. Purple

10. Who wore the pure white toga called the 'toga candida'?
a. Senators
b. Political candidates
c. Consuls
d. Women who were engaged to be married
e. Temple priests

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