American Revolution - Townshend Acts

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American Revolution - Townshend Acts.

1. Where did the Townshend Acts get their name?
a. From the city of Townshend
b. From King Townshend of France
c. From the Townshend River
d. From British politician Charles Townshend
e. From the American patriot George Townshend

2. Why did the British pass the Townshend Acts?
a. To punish the American colonies
b. To pay the salaries of governors and judges
c. To build castles in England
d. To pay for the king's fancy clothing
e. All of the above

3. True or False: The British thought the American colonies would be okay with the new taxes because they only taxed imports.

4. Why were the American colonists so upset over the taxes?
a. They didn't want to pay any taxes
b. They wanted more taxes from Britain
c. They didn't want taxation without representation in British parliament
d. They wanted to pay taxes on exports not imports
e. All of the above

5. What incident turned violent when British soldiers shot several colonists who were protesting taxes?
a. Boston Tea Party
b. New York Riots
c. Great Train Strike
d. Boston Massacre
e. Gunpowder Incident

6. What type of import was taxed by the Townshend Acts?
a. Tea
b. Paper
c. Paint
d. Glass
e. All of the above

7. True or False: Some American merchants boycotted British goods as a result of the Townshend Acts.

8. What famous patriot and Founding Father had a ship seized by British agents and was accused of smuggling?
a. John Hancock
b. Samuel Adams
c. George Washington
d. Thomas Jefferson
e. Ben Franklin

9. Who wrote 'Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania'?
a. Thomas Paine
b. Ben Franklin
c. John Dickinson
d. John Adams
e. Thomas Jefferson

10. Which of the following was a power granted to British officials by the Townshend Acts?
a. The right to shoot smugglers on sight
b. The right to take over colonial businesses
c. The right to seize the horse of any colonist if needed for government business
d. The right to search the homes and businesses of colonists

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the American Revolution - Townshend Acts page at /history/american_revolution/townshend_acts.php.

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