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Ancient Africa - Islam.

1. What area of Africa came under Muslim rule by the early 700s?
a. South Africa
b. Northern Africa
c. Western Africa
d. Central Africa
e. All of Africa

2. What were the natives of Northern Africa called before the Arabs arrived?
a. Songhai
b. Mali
c. Mende People
d. Berbers
e. Boers

3. What was the region of land conquered by the Arabs called?
a. Songhai
b. Kush
c. Maghreb
d. Nubia
e. Mali

4. True or False: The Muslims brought many advancements to North Africa including mathematics, medicine, and geography.

5. What were the Muslim people of North Africa called?
a. Greeks
b. Romans
c. Spanish
d. Phoenicians
e. Moors

6. What area of Europe did the Muslims conquer around 711 CE?
a. France
b. Iberian Peninsula
c. Italy
d. Greece
e. Great Britain

7. What was the name of the Muslim empire?
a. Moor
b. Iberian Peninsula
c. Caliphate
d. Songhai Empire
e. Mali Empire

8. Which of the following countries was not part of the Muslim conquest in North Africa?
a. Libya
b. Tunisia
c. Algeria
d. Morocco
e. Kenya

9. Who was Mansa Musa?
a. A great Arab warrior
b. A Muslim religious leader in north Africa
c. The Emperor of Mali who made a legendary pilgrimage to Mecca
d. Leader of Moors who conquered much of Europe
e. King of the Songhai who fought off the Arabs for years

10. True or False: Islam is still the major religion in North Africa today.

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Ancient Africa - Islam page at /history/africa/islam_north_africa.php.

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