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Sally Ride.

1. Where was Sally Ride born?
a. New York
b. North Carolina
c. Ohio
d. California
e. Arizona

2. What is Sally Ride famous for?
a. Establishing the American Red Cross
b. First woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean
c. The first American woman in space
d. First woman Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
e. Founder of environmental science

3. What sport did Sally Ride excel at in high school?
a. Soccer
b. Tennis
c. Softball
d. Basketball
e. Volleyball

4. In what subject did Sally Ride earn her Ph.D. at Stanford?
a. Biology
b. Economics
c. Mathematics
d. Electrical engineering
e. Physics

5. How did Sally Ride get a job as an astronaut?
a. She was recruited by NASA
b. Her father was a high ranking general
c. She became an ace fighter pilot in the U.S. Air Force
d. She applied to a job posting in a newspaper
e. Her professors recommended her

6. On what spacecraft did Sally Ride take her historic flight?
a. Space Shuttle Challenger
b. Apollo 11
c. Spirit of St. Louis
d. Apollo 13
e. Space Shuttle Discovery

7. What was Sally Ride's job on her first flight into space?
a. Pilot
b. Navigator
c. Co-pilot
d. Mission specialist
e. Captain

8. What prevented Sally Ride from making a third flight into space?
a. The Iraq War began
b. She could not pass the pilot's exam
c. The Space Shuttle Challenger crashed
d. She became very sick
e. NASA made a new rule against women astronauts

9. True or False: Sally Ride helped to investigate the Space Shuttle accidents of both the Columbia and the Challenger.

10. What did Sally Ride do after her career as an astronaut was over?
a. Wrote children's books
b. Started the company Sally Ride Science
c. Was the Director of the Office of Exploration for NASA
d. Worked at Stanford University
e. All of the above

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