Mary Todd Lincoln

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Mary Todd Lincoln.

1. Where was Mary Todd Lincoln born?
a. Illinois
b. Kentucky
c. New York
d. Ohio
e. Indiana

2. Who did Mary Todd marry that later became president of the United States?
a. George Washington
b. John Adams
c. James Madison
d. Abraham Lincoln
e. Andrew Johnson

3. According to the article, what job did Mary Todd Lincoln take on after arriving in the White House?
a. She became the head White House cook
b. She worked as the Secretary of State
c. She fixed up the White House as it was in disrepair
d. She wrote executive orders for the president
e. She was the White House press secretary

4. Which of the following best describes Mary Todd Lincoln's childhood?
a. She grew up in a poor family in the city
b. Both her parents died and she lived in an orphanage
c. She grew up in Germany as a princess
d. She grew up in a wealthy family and was educated
e. She was the daughter of a poor farmer

5. Why didn't some of Mary Todd's relatives want her to marry Abraham Lincoln?
a. Because he was poor
b. Because he was involved in politics
c. Because he didn't know how to farm
d. Because he was too tall
e. None of the above

6. What major war took place while Mary Todd Lincoln was in the White House?
a. World War I
b. War of 1812
c. World War II
d. Spanish-American War
e. American Civil War

7. True or False: Several of Mary Todd Lincoln's brothers fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War.

8. Where was Mary Todd Lincoln's husband shot?
a. In the White House
b. During a victory parade
c. At the theatre
d. While traveling on a train
e. He wasn't shot

9. What was Abraham Lincoln's nickname for Mary Todd?
a. Marge
b. Molly
c. MT
d. Polly
e. Toddler

10. What did Mary Todd Lincoln do during the Civil War?
a. She fled to the country
b. She went to Canada
c. She lived with her parents
d. She stayed by her husband's side
e. All of the above

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