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Egyptian Army.

1. What military invention did the Hyksos people introduce to the Egyptians?
a. Cannon
b. Spear
c. Shield
d. Chariot
e. Phalanx formation

2. What was the most important weapon to the Egyptian army?
a. Bow and Arrow
b. Spear
c. Short Sword
d. Club
e. Axe

3. True or False: The Egyptians were a warrior society with a history of fighting since the beginning of their civilization.

4. When did the Egyptians begin to keep a standing army of official soldiers?
a. After they were defeated by the Romans
b. When they decided to conquer the Assyrians
c. During the reign of King Tut
d. Right after they united Lower and Upper Egypt under one rule
e. After they were conquered by the Hyksos

5. How many soldiers typically rode in a chariot during battle?
a. One
b. Two
c. Three
d. Four
e. Seven

6. What kind of armor was the Ancient Egyptian army famous for?
a. Plate mail
b. Chain mail
c. Bone armor
d. Steel breastplates
e. They typically did not wear armor

7. Who was the head of the entire Egyptian army?
a. The vizier
b. The queen
c. The pharaoh
d. The champion charioteer
e. They had no leaders

8. What did the army do when they were not at war?
a. They often worked construction on temples and pyramids
b. They hung out at the palace of the pharaoh
c. They rested and took food from the local farmers
d. They were always at war
e. No one knows

9. How were the generals of the army chosen?
a. They were the best fighters
b. In an archery competition
c. The soldiers voted who would be leader
d. The pharaoh chose close relatives to be the generals
e. The generals were chosen from the army by lot

10. True or false: Being a soldier of the Egyptian army was considered the lowest job a person could have and got no respect.

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Egyptian Army page at /history/ancient_egypt/army_of_ancient_egypt.php.

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