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Kid's Vote

We've got even more polls for you to test out your likes versus other kids from around the world. There's all sorts of kids polls here with subjects ranging from video games to movies to sports to school stuff and more. Vote on as many polls as you like and check out the results.

Do other kids think the same as you? Find out now!

Note: These polls are not scientific.

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What is your favorite sporting event?
March Madness
X Games
World Series

Where would you most want to go for Spring Vacation?
The Beach
Snow Skiing
The Mountains
To Visit Relatives

What is your favorite amusement park?
Universal Studios
Six Flags
Sea World
Other Park

What is your favorite pet?

What's the first thing you do after school?
Have a snack
Play outside
Watch TV
Play video games

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We add new kids polls on a pretty regular basis, so be sure to check back often and get your opinion on your favorite stuff heard!

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