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Biology: Trees.

1. What characteristic typically defines a tree?
a. Woody stem
b. Perennial
c. Over 13 feet tall
d. All of the above
e. None of the Above

2. What does it mean that trees are perennials?
a. They die each year
b. They can live for many years
c. They are tall
d. They have bark
e. They have leaves

3. True or False: There isn't a scientific definition for what a tree is.

4. What type of trees use cones to house their seeds?
a. Broadleaf
b. Deciduous
c. Conifers
d. Maples
e. Elms

5. What does it mean that a tree is an evergreen?
a. It stays green throughout the year
b. It's leaves don't change colors
c. It doesn't lose its leaves in the winter
d. All of the above
e. None of the Above

6. What characteristic defines deciduous trees?
a. They have hard bark
b. They have needles for leaves
c. They are evergreen
d. They die each year
e. They lose their leaves each year

7. Which of the following is NOT an example of a deciduous tree?
a. Oak tree
b. Redwood
c. Maple
d. Elm tree
e. Beech

8. What does each ring in the trunk of a tree represent?
a. One season
b. One month
c. One year
d. Ten years
e. Nothing

9. What part of a tree is important to gather sunlight for photosynthesis?
a. Leaf
b. Bark
c. Trunk
d. Roots
e. Flower

10. In what way are trees important to humans?
a. They produce wood for fuel
b. They produce fruit and nuts we can eat
c. They produce wood for building homes and furniture
d. They produce oxygen we need to breathe
e. All of the Above

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