Physics: Speed and Velocity

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Physics: Speed and Velocity.

1. What is the unit of measurement used in physics for speed?
a. Seconds
b. Seconds per meter
c. Meters
d. Meters per second
e. Hours per mile

2. Velocity is a vector measurement because it has both a magnitude and a ________.
a. Time
b. Distance
c. Direction
d. Temperature
e. Speed

3. Complete the formula: Speed = ______/Time. What is the ______?
a. Mass
b. Distance
c. Direction
d. Temperature
e. Weight

4. What do we call the speed of an object at a specific moment in time?
a. Instantaneous speed
b. Momentum speed
c. Pinpoint speed
d. Top speed
e. Average speed

5. True or False: Velocity is the magnitude of speed.

6. What constant measurement of speed is represented by the letter 'c'?
a. Speed of the Earth
b. Speed of sound
c. Speed of the Moon
d. Speed of gravity
e. Speed of light

7. If a person runs 100 meters in 10 seconds, what is their average speed?
a. 1 m/s
b. 2 m/s
c. 5 m/s
d. 10 m/s
e. 100 m/s

8. The velocity of a plane is 500 miles per hour west. What is the speed of the plane?
a. West
b. 500 miles per hour
c. 250 miles per hour
d. 500 miles per hour west
e. 500 miles per hour east

9. If a car travels 18,000 meters in 30 minutes, what is its average speed?
a. 1 m/s
b. 6 m/s
c. 10 m/s
d. 60 m/s
e. 600 m/s

10. A person walks 60 meters in 1 minute. Then walks 30 meters in 2 minutes. What is their average speed over the 3 minute walk?
a. .5 m/s
b. 1 m/s
c. 2 m/s
d. 5 m/s
e. 50 m/s

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