Physics: Pressure

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Physics: Pressure.

1. In physics, pressure is defined as the _____ over a given area.
a. Work
b. Velocity
c. Force
d. Mass
e. Energy

2. Finish the formula: Pressure = Force divided by _________
a. Time
b. Area
c. Speed
d. Distance
e. Mass

3. What is the standard unit of measure for pressure?
a. Joule
b. Newton
c. Watt
d. Ampere
e. Pascal

4. Will air pressure be higher on top of a mountain or on the beach?
a. Beach
b. Mountain
c. It's always the same

5. What pressure will be exerted by a 10 N box that has equal sides of 1 meter?
a. 1 Pa
b. 2 Pa
c. 5 Pa
d. 10 Pa
e. 20 Pa

6. A 40 N block exerts 20 Pa of pressure on a table. What is the area of the block that is touching the table?
a. 0.5 meters squared
b. 1 meters squared
c. 2 meters squared
d. 4 meters squared
e. 40 meters squared

7. A red cube with sides of 3 meters and a blue cube with sides of 2 meters are on a table. They both weigh the same. Which cube exerts more pressure on the table?
a. Red cube
b. Blue cube
c. Both are the same

8. Does water pressure increase or decrease the deeper you are?
a. Increase
b. Decrease
c. Stays the same

9. What type of tool is used to measure air pressure?
a. Pascalometer
b. Atmospherometer
c. Aerometer
d. Anemometer
e. Barometer

10. Which of the following is not a unit of measure for pressure?
a. PSI
b. Bar
c. Atmosphere
d. Joule
e. Pascal

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