Earth Science: Ocean Waves and Currents

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Earth Science: Ocean Waves and Currents.

1. How are waves in the ocean formed?
a. From gravity
b. From the spin of the Earth
c. From wind moving across the surface
d. From the movement of fish
e. From human activities

2. What is the 'medium' through which ocean waves travel?
a. Air
b. Water
c. Energy
d. Sunlight
e. Sand

3. What causes 'swells' in the ocean?
a. Local winds
b. The spin of the Earth
c. The gravity of the moon
d. Sun activity
e. Distant storms

4. According to the article, which of the following is the scientific definition of a wave?
a. A transfer of energy
b. A rise in water
c. A cyclical movement
d. The flow of water
e. The moving of something in a defined pattern

5. What do we call the top of a swell or wave?
a. Trough
b. Edge
c. Lip
d. Crest
e. Roof

6. What is the Coriolis Effect?
a. The effect of the gravity of the Moon
b. When the wind causes waves or a current
c. The effect of the spin of the Earth
d. The effect of the Sun's activity level
e. The effect that humans have on ocean currents

7. Which of the following causes deep water ocean currents?
a. Density of the water
b. Changes in temperature
c. Salinity of water
d. All of the above
e. None of the Above

8. What ocean current helps to warm up the United Kingdom and parts of Western Europe?
a. South Atlantic
b. Gulfstream
c. South Indian
d. Airstream
e. Alaskan

9. True or False: Some ocean animals take advantage of the currents when migrating to and from breeding grounds.

10. What is the primary cause of ocean surface currents?
a. Ships
b. Rain
c. Migrating fish
d. Marine plant life
e. Wind

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