Biology: Non-Flowering Plants

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Biology: Non-Flowering Plants.

1. What is the scientific name for non-flowering plants that use seeds to reproduce?
a. Herbivores
b. Gymnosperms
c. Mosses
d. Angiosperms
e. Ferns

2. What is different from the seeds of gymnosperms vs. the seeds of flowering plants?
a. The seeds of gymnosperms have a thick covering
b. The seeds of gymnosperms are round
c. The seeds of gymnosperms have no covering
d. The seeds of gymnosperms are always found inside fruit
e. None of the Above

3. Where do conifers house their seeds?
a. Flowers
b. Leaves
c. In their stems
d. Fruit
e. Cones

4. How is pollen carried from one cone to another?
a. Bees
b. Butterflies
c. Birds
d. Wind
e. Water

5. True or False: There are male cones that produce pollen and female cones that produce seeds.

6. How are the seeds of the conifer dispersed?
a. By floating on the water of streams and rivers
b. By producing fruit
c. They are winged and float in the wind
d. All of the above
e. None of the Above

7. How do non-flowering plants that don't produce seeds reproduce?
a. Cones
b. Spores
c. Needles
d. Roots
e. Leaves

8. What are spores?
a. A type of seed
b. Tiny organisms that contain only a single cell
c. A type of flower
d. A type of fruit
e. All of the Above

9. Which of the following is characteristic of mosses?
a. Soft and spongy
b. Only grow a few inches tall
c. Reproduce using spores
d. Have short growths called rhizoids instead of roots
e. All of the Above

10. Where do ferns produce their spores?
a. Underneath their leaves
b. In flowers
c. On their stems
d. In their roots
e. Inside cones

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