Physics: Momentum and Collisions

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Physics: Momentum and Collisions.

1. Momentum is the measurement of _____ in motion?
a. Time
b. Mass
c. Work
d. Power
e. Energy

2. What letter is typically used to represent momentum in physic equations?
a. m
b. w
c. v
d. b
e. p

3. Finish the formula: Momentum = Mass * _________
a. Velocity
b. Acceleration
c. Voltage
d. Power
e. Work

4. Which of the following is a unit of measurement for momentum?
a. N
b. N m/s
c. J
d. kg m/s
e. J/s

5. Because momentum is a vector measurement, it has both a magnitude and a _______.
a. Direction
b. Velocity
c. Temperature
d. Speed
e. Volume

6. What do we call it when two or more moving objects exert forces on each other for a short period of time?
a. Momentum
b. Work
c. Collision
d. Friction
e. Energy

7. Which of the following is true about collisions according to the Law of Momentum Conservation?
a. The total momentum of the objects must remain the same
b. The momentum of each object must stay the same
c. Some momentum will be lost
d. All of the above
e. None of the Above

8. If a 70kg man and a 40k boy are both running at the same velocity, who has more momentum?
a. The boy
b. The man
c. They both have the same momentum

9. What is the momentum of a 3 kg ball moving at the velocity of 5 m/s east?
a. 3 kg m/s east
b. 5 kg m/s west
c. 15 kg m/s west
d. 15 kg m/s east
e. 0 kg m/s

10. If a ball is moving at the velocity of 10 m/s east with a momentum of 50 kg m/s east, what is its mass?
a. 1 kg
b. 2.5 kg
c. 5 kg
d. 25 kg
e. 500 kg

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