Biology: Influenza

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Biology: Influenza.

1. What is the common name for influenza?
a. Measles
b. Mumps
c. Cold
d. Flu
e. Allergies

2. Which of the following is a common symptom of influenza?
a. Fever over 100 degrees F
b. Runny nose
c. Body aches
d. Headache
e. All of the Above

3. What type of disease is influenza?
a. Virus
b. Bacteria
c. Fungi
d. Parasite
e. None of the Above

4. How is influenza usually transmitted?
a. Flea bites
b. By infected water
c. Mosquito bites
d. Direct or indirect contact with an infected person
e. All of the Above

5. How often do you need to get a flu shot?
a. Once a month
b. Once every six months
c. Once a year
d. Once every 5 years
e. Only once during your life

6. True or False: Healthy people in their 20s are most likely to develop complications from influenza.

7. Which type of influenza virus is the most dangerous and has the worst symptoms?
a. A
b. B
c. C

8. How can you reduce your chance of getting influenza?
a. Wash your hands
b. Get a flu shot
c. Avoid shaking hands with others
d. Avoid large crowds
e. All of the Above

9. Which season is considered 'flu season'?
a. Summer
b. Fall
c. Winter
d. Spring
e. All of the Above

10. Which of the following pandemics was caused by influenza?
a. Plague of Athens
b. Plague of Justinian
c. Black Death
d. Spanish Flu

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