Biology: Fungi

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Biology: Fungi.

1. Fungi belong to which of the following kingdoms?
a. Animal
b. Plant
c. Protist
d. Bacteria
e. They have their own kingdom called Fungi

2. What is the scientific name for a fungi cell?
a. Erythrocyte
b. Prokaryote
c. Eukaryote
d. Osteoclast
e. Microglial

3. How are fungi different from plants?
a. Fungi have cell walls made from chitin rather than cellulose
b. Fungi do not use photosynthesis to make food
c. All of the above
d. None of the above

4. How do fungi reproduce?
a. Seeds
b. Fruit
c. Flowers
d. Pollen
e. Spores

5. How do fungi eat?
a. By decomposing matter or eating off their hosts
b. By hunting insects
c. By photosynthesis
d. All of the above
e. None of the Above

6. Which type of fungi are formed by filaments called hyphae?
a. Molds
b. Mushrooms
c. Yeast
d. Club fungi
e. Sac fungi

7. What scientific group of fungi do mushrooms belong to?
a. Sac fungi
b. Club fungi
c. Molds
d. Imperfect fungi
e. Mushrooms are not fungi

8. What type of fungi is used to help make bread rise?
a. Molds
b. Mushrooms
c. Yeast
d. Club fungi
e. Sac fungi

9. How are fungi useful to humans?
a. Some fungi can be eaten such as mushrooms and truffles
b. Some fungi help in fighting disease
c. They break down organic matter so it can be reused by the nutrient cycles
d. Some fungi can be used to make bread rise
e. All of the Above

10. True or False: While some mushrooms are good to eat, some are very poisonous and can kill a person.

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