Biology: DNA

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Biology: DNA.

1. What does DNA stand for?
a. Double nitrogen argon
b. Dioxide nickel acid
c. Deoxyribonucleic acid
d. Do not ask
e. Does not apply

2. How many types of nucleotides are there in DNA?
a. One
b. Two
c. Three
d. Four
e. Five

3. Which of the following is not a letter that represents a nucleotide in DNA?
a. A
b. T
c. C
d. G
e. R

4. Three letters of DNA nucleotides make up a word called a _____.
a. Codon
b. Chromosome
c. Nucleus
d. Cell
e. Gene

5. What is another name for the nucleotides in DNA?
a. Chromosomes
b. Bases
c. Genes
d. Backbone
e. Alleles

6. Phosphate and deoxyribose make up what part of DNA?
a. Chromosomes
b. Bases
c. Genes
d. Backbone
e. Alleles

7. What is the shape of a DNA molecule called?
a. Octahedral
b. Covalent
c. Double helix
d. Triple Triangle
e. Nothing, as it has no specific shape

8. Most genes within DNA hold instructions for the cell to make a specific _____.
a. Carbohydrate
b. Chromosome
c. Lipid
d. Protein
e. Starch

9. True or False: Over 99% of the DNA in different human beings is the same.

10. What did Francis Crick and James Watson discover?
a. That traits were inherited from an organism's parents
b. The electron microscope
c. The chromosome in the human cell
d. The structure of the DNA molecule
e. All of the Above

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