Biology: Chromosomes

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Biology: Chromosomes.

1. Chromosomes are made from protein and what other molecule?
a. Ammonia
b. ATP
c. DNA
d. Carbon dioxide
e. H2O

2. Chromosomes are found inside what structure in the cell?
a. Membrane
b. Mitochondria
c. Ribosome
d. Nucleus
e. Centromere

3. How many pairs of chromosomes are in a human being?
a. 23
b. 44
c. 89
d. 92
e. 233

4. What form does the chromosome take when the cell is not dividing?
a. Wound up in tubes
b. Long and thin strand
c. Tubes shaped like an X
d. All of the above
e. None of the Above

5. When a cell is getting ready to divide, what are the longer arms of the chromosome called?
a. p arms
b. l arms
c. s arms
d. c arms
e. q arms

6. What is the centromere of a chromosome?
a. The part of the cell where the chromosome is located
b. The longest arm of the chromosome
c. The point where the tubes are pinched together before the split
d. All of the above
e. None of the Above

7. True or False: Every chromosome carries exactly the same information.

8. Which of the following is considered the basic unit of heredity?
a. Traits
b. Chromosomes
c. Enzymes
d. Genes
e. Lipids

9. What is the name for the sequence of a gene that determines a specific trait like brown eyes?
a. Allele
b. DNA
c. Centromere
d. Nucleus
e. RNA

10. What does the X/Y pair of chromosomes determine in humans?
a. What color of hair you have
b. How tall you will be
c. Whether you are a boy or a girl
d. What color of eyes you have
e. How long you will live

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